Webisode 15: Lazagna

Just another Thursday traveling to a couple skateparks with 3 bikes strapped to an R32. Fun, falls, and some interesting riding went down!
Caine Thron, Zach Ozment, and Adam LZ @ Bethune/Riverside
What is the deal with the last clip? Well, I pulled a Cody and forgot to turn the mic on. I told Zach to do as many footjam whips as he could in a row and I thought putting some ragtime music over it would be funny.

Monday is May 5th. May 5th is my birthday. I’ll be 19, yay. However, I’m flying home for the summer- so bye bye Florida! I have to shut down the web-store for a while so I can get situated up North again. I don’t want to ship my remaining inventory up North to sell, so EVERYTHING is priced to sell FAST. The cheapest any of my products have ever been, and you still get a bunch of free stickers! Nothing is being re-stocked- I have two days to sell it all. Go to LZBMX.com and order something as my early birthday present :) Thanks :)
PS: Yes there will be more videos, I’m out of school so its all I plan on doing in my free time! Oh I sold my car too. Sad times, hopefully I can get something else over the summer.

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