Webisode 18: Scotland Part III

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Soooo this is the 3rd and final day of our Scotland Roadtrip where we go to Transgression skatepark in Glasow. Was a sick trip, including the minibus hire, hotels, petrol and entry to all 3 skateparks, trip only cost us around 100 each, so it’s well worth it.

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Riders List:
Josh James: http://twitter.com/boqerbmx
Oscar Doyle: http://twitter.com/Oscar_Doyle
Clem Hencher-Stevens: http://twitter.com/Clem_photo
Dale Turk: http://twitter.com/daleturk
Kyle Hewitt: http://twitter.com/kylegypo
Sam Marden: http://twitter.com/SamMardenBMX
Kris Avery: http://twitter.com/gloskris
Elliot Staton: http://twitter.com/e5bmx


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