Webisode 19: Say Something, I’m giving up on BMX

The end result of a jam packed week of riding skateparks and street with some of my best friends, and girlfriend!
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Back-story for first clip:
So since the first day Nicole and I have been dating I have been talking about how badly I’ve wanted a white/red 335i. She always made a point of telling me whenever she sees a 335, and even sends me pictures of them. After nearly 2 years of saving up I finally was able to get one (largely thanks to you guys), and I kept it a secret because I wanted to surprise Nicole with it at the airport. I filmed her reaction and I’m really glad I did because it was awesome. She was probably just as stoked about the car as I am!

Featuring Adam LZ, Nicole Frye, Jimmy Oakes, Jake Zorn, Liam Hoyt, Jordan Grandinetti, Cody Krueger, and Carol Cook.

Locations (In order): Stanley Quarter Skatepark, Wolcott Skatepark, Seaside Skatepark, and Bethel Street.

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Filmed by everyone featured in the video, plus Mike Johnson.

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