Webisode 2-1: Going Pro and Driving Lambos

Season 2 starts with giant Vegas skateparks, signing my first pro-deal, grocery shopping for free bike-parts, and playing in the streets with two Lamborghinis. I break my foot in this too… (continued below)
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Well first I should probably address that this is indeed the first Webisode of Season 2. I had been looking for a way to bring the number count back down from 50, and me becoming pro seemed like the perfect opportunity for it. So I give you, Webisodes Season 2. Nothing is planned to change, other than me holding myself to a higher level regarding production value/editing (which I do anyway). I hope you guys weren’t too worried when I said 50 was the final episode! Now to talk about the trip….

So I went out to Vegas for Interbike, but the main purpose was to meet up with Rich Hirsch of Tip Plus and see how we could partner up to make some awesome things happen in BMX. We wound up having a couple meetings, and I try to take you guys behind the scenes as much as possible. Unfortunately I bruised my heel pretty badly at The Riggg rail jam and couldn’t really ride too hard, so my riding clips are a little less than I would have liked. Regardless, Alex Duleba holds it down on his little knee-scooter. I just found out that my last fall in this video actually fractured a bone in my foot, so unfortunately I’ll be out of commission for a few weeks. I’ll do my best to still upload some new and interesting content even though I can’t ride. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t ride more, but we got to take some Lambos out and that has literally been a dream of mine forever, so I was a very happy Adam. As of right now I will be back in LA the first week of November, and I’ll try to film even more :)

I’d like to give a special thanks to Alfredo Mancuso for making this trip/deal happen, Rich Hirsch for believing in me and signing me to Stranger, Adam 22 for the TCU TV, Johnny Mancuso for getting us access to two Lamborghinis, and you guys for watching this and supporting me over the years :)


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