Webisode 27: Ebola BMX in the Midwest

Two days riding The Kitchen, a secret „candy store“ skatepark, Chicago street, and Westmont. Alex miraculously cures his imaginary ebola by jumping down a set of 18 stairs…
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This was the second webisode we filmed during my 3 day stay in Chicago, and I feel as though it really does a good job conveying the amount of good times that went down on this trip. I’m really stoked on this Webisode and I hope you guys are too. Don’t be shy, leave some comments (I almost always reply), constructive criticism, share it around, like it up, you know the deal!
Huge thanks to….
– David for letting me stay at his place and taking to me to all these awesome places. And for the awesome Lithuanian candies his mom gave me when I left.
-Alex for putting in work behind the camera, with a smile on his face! #Lauren
-John for letting us all ride his secret skatepark that him and his friends have worked so hard to build! And for the delicious candy and mocha latte :)
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Song: „Golden Brown“ – The Guru

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