Webisode 28: Stealing Girls One Flip at a Time

Three crazy kids get hyped and throw down some serious tricks at the local skateparks. Front flips, truck downwhips, rail hops, and huge gaps! One day, two parks, three friends, and one hell of a good time. Subscribe for more videos like this!
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Jackie came out on a Saturday and we took his truck to Candyland Skatepark (Longwood, FL) and Lake Mary Skatepark (FL). It was a blast filming and riding for this one. Jackie’s insanity really makes you push yourself to try to keep up. Mid-day we stop at my girlfriend’s house and Robert does a house check, even though it was his first time being there. By the way, unless you want military Jackie wiping your ass off planet earth, I highly suggest you hit the „Like“ button. Commenting and sharing are also a good way to ensure your survival through his military arsenal shit-storm.
PS: None of us (except Jackie) have ever „shot-gunned“ a drink before, so excuse us if we did it wrong.
Song: „Stop“ – Dapp Music (Aidan from Webisode 1 :D)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjg2zUnCv9w (Subscribe to him)

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