Webisode 34: Spencer’s Man Shack + Night Riding

Bert gives you the rundown on Spencer’s man-shack with everything from samurai swords to X-Games quality backyard ramps. Then we go ride the 24 hour Riverwalk Skatepark and get some clips in the dark.
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I love riding with Spencer, and I had been planning on taking a trip to his place (about 1.5 hours away) for quite some time. That morning we actually found out it was Spencer’s 23rd birthday, and Bert decided to tag along. Bert was freaking out at everything in Spencer’s house so I decided to pull the camera out and have Bert do a House Check before we went riding. This was an awesome day and I hope you guys can see how much fun we had! I do not condone or recommend the use of samurai swords, axe flamethrowers, or chemical bombs. There was a reason I was behind the camera and not the one doing it! Speaking of which, that’s why I wasn’t in the video that much. I filmed the majority of the day and I’m completely fine with it- they’re hilarious. Happy birthday once again to Spencer- go like his new fan page! – https://www.facebook.com/Spencer.foresman.bmx

Ft. Robert Barranco, Spencer Foresman, and Adam LZ






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