Webisode 41: The Cross Country BMX Trip (FL to CT)

NINE different skateparks, amazing local riders, and a some car shenanigans along the way!
This is the LONGEST Webisode, and you’ll be laughing every minute!
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So every year I have to take the 20 hour drive from Florida to Connecticut when I go home for the summer. Jimmy’s mom happened to surprise him with a ticket to Florida, so he flew down and drove my new car home!
We stopped at 9 different skateparks all across the east coast, and met some really awesome kids with some serious talent along the way! It was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again on the way back down in a few months.

As you can probably tell I put WAY more effort into this video than webisodes in the past. I put in everything from stemmed music to little animations and textual commentary. Shoutout to Jay Dalton for making the awesome plane/map animation too :)
Anyway, I knew this video would be the longest webisode EVER, and I tried really hard to keep it entertaining throughout. I really appreciate every single one of you guys that still follows us, it’s crazy to think we’re already at 200,000 subscribers. Thanks a million for watching my video, please give it a like and some feedback in the comment section if you can :)
Huge thanks to everyone who made this video possible!
S/O Jimmy Oakes, Stockton Woodard, Jason Gaydos, Nicole’s Peppers, JImmy’s Grandpa, RJay Jewname, Buck Hunter and all you guys that rode with us at parks a long the way!

Song while under the bridge: „Break Free“ – FTGU






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