Webisode 45: Pepper Jam 2015

A BMX jam, revolved around peppers? We turned a complete joke into a reality and no one anticipated how big this thing would be…
Killer riding, mini-contests, shenanigans, good vibes, and more!
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So this whole thing literally started when I went on one of my twitter rants, beating the pepper joke to death. „I’m going to have a pepper jam with free dr. pepper, peppers, and pizza with peppers“. The more I thought about it, the more stoked I got on the idea of having a pepper themed Jam. I hit up parks & rec and they were stoked on the idea, and gave me permission to use Newotwn Skatepark so long as nothing was sold. All the food and drinks I paid for with money that LZBMX has made, so thank you guys for the support and enabling me to do something like this! Also huge thanks to Profile, Shadow, Subrosa, and Deco for sending me out free stuff to give out!

The turn-out was about twice what I expected with people driving over 10 hours to ride what I consider a pretty mediocre park. With people coming that far I really felt the pressure to make the jam awesome, and I really think we accomplished that. I spent most of the day running around, screaming into the mic, and making sure things went smoothly so I wasn’t really able to ride too much or get clips for this video. I also sprained my ankle pretty badly on one of those 180 whips, but it’s better now :)

This video was miserable to edit. We literally had four different cameras filming simultaneously sometimes and there were 700+ clips I had to sort though. So if you enjoyed it, please let me know! HUGE thanks to all my friends who grabbed a camera and helped film so we could document this event. Including Zach Honahan, Cody Krueger, Jimmy Oakes, Aidan Panagrosso, Brandon Draper, Nicole Bae, and RJ Zeindenslugawitzakowski.

Also huge thanks to all you guys that came out. I couldn’t be more stoked on all these meetups we’ve been doing. Everyone that comes out always has such positive attitudes and I genuinely enjoy meeting you guys. Now I’m off to the UK to spend some time with Boqer, so hopefully I’ll see some of y’all there!






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