Webisode 47: Kicked out of the Skatepark (BMX)

Brian Fox may spend the majority of his time making weird noises, shouting, and rolling on the ground, but that’s why he is one of my favorite people to ride with! PS. Skate-Only parks are ridiculous.
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I decided to make a pit-stop on my way down to Florida in North Carolina to visit my friend Brian Fox. Brian is absolutely crazy on his bike, 1080s, double backflips, EVERYTHING. His ankle was actually bothering him pretty badly when I was there, but he toughed it out to film this video with me, and I’m glad he did! Brian is the man.

Regarding the situation with the police, I just wanted to point out once again that we were clearly just pointing out what we felt was unjust at the skatepark in what we considered an appropriate manner. We don’t encourage you to talk back to police or to give them a hard time at all. We were grateful that the lady was nice to us and did not give us a hard time, some cops would have handcuffed us. It is ridiculous that parks like this exist and exclude an entire sport, for the matter of personal issues. I was told that the people who built this park (and many other skate-only parks) purposely put in their contracts that bikes void the warranty, so towns naturally don’t allow them. I personally don’t believe that plastic pegs and tires do any more damage than trucks and wheel bolts hitting the ground, but the towns don’t listen.
To avoid situations like this, be sure to be INVOLVED if your town is ever getting a skatepark built. If BMX riders help fund and plan the park, there is less chance of being excluded. All too often we get lazy and let the skaters go through all the legal actions of getting a park built and are surprised when they exclude us. Just some food for thought, I’d be more than happy to hear what you guys think in the comments.

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