Webisode 53: Cross-Country in our 240sx (BMX)

After something interesting goes down in CT, Nicole and I embark on a 1200 mile journey to Florida in my S13!
We stop at two new skateparks, race a WRX, and BARELY make it home in one piece… SUBSCRIBE for our next journey!
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So ever since I left the 240 in CT you guys have been BUGGING me to bring it down to Florida. The truth is, I REALLY wanted it down here too. However, I was actually leaving it up there as part of my plan. I needed an excuse, or a reason, to get Nicole to fly up with me so I could propose to her. I actually wanted to this summer, but that fell through. Needless to say she thought we were just coming home with the 240, not the 240 and a ring! :p

Anyway, I guess this is the sappy part? I think it’s awesome that you guys know me on a personal level, and it’s even cooler that you guys know and respect my girlfriend (now finance) Nicole. The fact that you guys have been with us literally since we started dating makes it really cool to share this big step for us with you. As you guys know, Nicole is literally perfect for me, and I’ve never been more confident about a decision in my life.

Ok enough sappy stuff. This trip was awesome. Big shoutout to Jason for always showing us a good time and his friends for helping me diagnose 240 probs. We’re back in Florida now, but the 240 isn’t even running now. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to figure out what’s going on this weekend so I can start getting some track time in!

The video of me proposing should be up in a few days. I’m having my cinematographer friend Will put it together so it can be amazing instead of a half-assed go pro video that I probably would have made. Super excited for it. Super excited for everything. Hope you guys liked this video because it’s one of my favorites! Give us some comments because you know we love to respond :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

„Keep it Slow“ – Cat Ridgeway






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