Weekly Update 15: Final Exams, 240 Probz, and Funding a Skatepark!

A quick run-down on my college life, 240 chaos before my first drift event, a local park in need of funding, and much more!
Donate to help fix Candyland Skatepark – https://www.gofundme.com/6tbsy6w4

Yeah, so first off, I absolutely despise planet earth. Why would the sun would go down while I’m in the middle of a video? EXTREMELY RUDE. All jokes aside, sorry for the crappy quality. I didn’t feel like refilming this and I figured you could just pretend it’s a podcast or something.

Regarding Candyland, you guys KNOW I would not ever include anything in one of my videos if I didn’t truly think it was a good cause. Candyland isn’t in the most affluent of areas, but because of that the BMX/Skate scene is HUGE. I guarentee you’ve never seen such a basic pre-fab park get so much use. We filmed our most popular video EVER at the park, so I feel as though it was only right to give back. Thank you all in advance :)

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