Welcome to Fit Pro: Begin/Hango/Long/Spriet

Well, it’s official, Brandon Begin, Jordan Hango, Morgan Long and Justin Spriet have been bumped and the Fit Pro Team just got a little “heavier.”

Hango and Spriet’s standout sections in Holy Fit, Begin’s brand of tech/Toro street and Long’s dedication and originality are just a few reasons why the foursome have earned spots alongside our established pros.

We sent the squad to Arizona a couple weeks ago to film a “Welcome to the Team” edit and here you have it! Good dudes, good moves, good times.

Riders: Brandon Begin, Jordan Hango, Morgan Long, Justin Spriet

Filmed & Edited by: Stew Johnson

Additional filming:

Ryan Chadwick

Doeby Huynh

Francis Castro


The Coup
„Bullets and Love“
Pick a Bigger Weapon

„In Haze“
You’re Nothing

The Blues Magoos
„(We Ain’t Got)Nothing Yet“
Psychedelic Lollipop

The Gossip
„Where the Girls Are“
That’s Not What I Heard

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