WETHEPEOPLE BMX #CRS 2019 Complete Bike

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2019 CRS – http://wethepeoplebmx.de/bikes/crs
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A bike we are proud to have the WETHEPEOPLE stamp of approval – the CRS is the best it’s ever been. One the most anticipated bikes in BMX, the CRS enters 2019 with two fresh colourways and a healthy upgrade of new components. The first complete bike to feature ECLAT’s brand new „Bios“ Pivotal seat design, the CRS also packs plenty of aftermarket goodness from SALT including a fully sealed Salt (AM) cassette hub, the new Salt (Fraction) rims.

The geometry of the CRS has been tailored specifically to allow younger riders to be able to progress quicker, including short 13.2” chainstays and 165mm cranks, giving the CRS a responsive and snappy ride. One of the most well-engineered entry level bikes on the market, the CRS is a bike built with vision.

The 2019 Wethepeople Complete Bike Collection is available from bike shops worldwide. For more info make sure you head to our website or search „wethepeople bmx“

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