WETHEPEOPLE: Ed Zunda #AWAKE Frame Promo

Our most responsive Street frame yet, Ed Zunda’s signature AWAKE frame was designed with the technical street assassin in mind.

Ed is a very specific rider, knowing exactly what he needed to match his riding, and that made for a frame with a very specific list of features…

Ed’s first request was that we use a shorter chainstay than our other frames so we went with a 13″ (slammed) rear end and paired it up with a steeper 75.5 degree headtube and a 11.75″ bottom bracket height to keep the AWAKE frame as agile and nimble as possible. Ed is hard on frames, so for his signature model he really wanted something that was built to last a long time before you would even need to consider replacing it.

We beefed up the backend with 7mm invest casted dropout, which use a special designed shape that gives ample clearance for pegs and hub guards, even with the rear wheel slammed all the way back.


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