WeThePeople Foundation – Trailer

Travel is the key to everything; it’s how you learn to live, how you learn to fend for yourself and how you learn to spend long periods of time in the company of others without going insane. The WETHEPEOPLE crew set out in January 2016 to film for their third full-length BMX video and traveled to over 10 countries, exploring over 20 cities and destroying themselves mentally and physically in the process. It’s been 5 years since ‘Anytime Now’ DVD release and we wanted to let the team go to work on something special.

Ed Zunda, Dillon Lloyd, Mike Curley, Pete Sawyer, Max Gaertig, Felix Prangenberg, Mo Nussbaumer, Dan Kruk, Jordan Godwin and the entire Wethepeople family are all part of this feature length BMX video – all pieced together by the unrelenting filmmaker Cal Earnshaw.

Look out for a world premiere at Simple Session 2017 along with multiple global premieres happening all through the start of February 2017

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