What you don’t know about Cody Krueger

10 minutes of Cody’s family telling you things you don’t know, and probably don’t WANT to know about him.

When you’re too tired to ride, but it’s too nice outside to not film, what do you do? Interview your best friend’s sister and father to try to get some funny dirt on them.

You guys helped give me questions to ask Hailey on my instagram @adam_LZ.

If you have any good video ideas for us let us know! We’re always open to try something new.

In case you want to stalk Hailey and ask her for her „kik“, her instagram is @hailey_krueger. Follow @LZBMX while you’re at it too ;) http://LZBMX.com

It’s also Cody’s dad’s birthday today in case you want to wish him happy birthday, he does watch our videos and read the comments!!!

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