We all went to the „End of the summer“ Lock in at The Incline Club Skatepark to have an awesome time riding and hanging out with everyone! 100+ riders came out for the 12 hour session and we started the night off right by getting Big Boy to try a double tail whip! After 10 or so trys and some pretty crazy crashes we decided that it should wait for another night! Then we had the whole crew get a few clips each and Cory Berglar battled out a Fakie Challenge! We all played foot down and a few other games but the highlight of the night was the World Record Flair Challenge that Big Boy took on! He did a flair while getting 20 dodge balls thrown at him! He landed it clean and it was epic! We love the skatepark and have so much fun riding the lock ins with everyone so make sure you come out to the next one! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!