Movie Night: barcelona (2003)

Let’s throw it back to our 2003 release of „Fit BCN“!

Tune in for a LEGENDARY crew including the likes of Edwin DeLarosa, Mike Aitken, Brian Foster, Vic Ayala, Justin Inman and Van Homan riding a previously untapped Barcelona, Spain.

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411 Productions is once again breaking ground in the BMX world by releasing Barcelona BMX Vacation. Barcelona BMX Vacation is an unprecedented first look at the BMX scene in Barcelona through the eyes of seven American professionals: Mikey Aitken, Van Homan, Justin Inman, Brian Foster, Robbie Morales, Edwin Delarosa and Vic Ayala. These members of the Fit and Zoo York teams make up the first-ever trip of its kind to Spain.

As good ambassadors of the BMX world, this group unleashed their own individual barrage of tricks on the city’s plethora of shredable terrain. Using skateboard magazines to locate well-known skate spots, the crew translated their own BMX abilities to manipulate these spots in previously unheard of ways. Through the crew’s travels they met up with a few native Barcelona riders that were excited to take them from spot to spot and show off what Barcelona has to offer…

In between sessions everyone had the chance to discover the culture of Spain away from the BMX world, exploring marketplaces, museums and other treasures Barcelona has to offer. It’s amazing to see so much history and culture that has been created over Spain’s centuries of development.
Documented by Anthony Moreschi and Joe Sederquist, Barcelona BMX Vacation will open your eyes to a world unexplored by bikes before. Fit, Zoo York and 411 have paved the way for future BMX teams to ride this magnificent city and enjoy all of its cultural wonders and unforgettable terrain.