Our last day of the 2016 summer X Games was definitely not what I expected. We started the day off with rain once again. So we drove from the hotel to the Circuit Of Americas with hopes of a break in weather and to our surprise the course was dry! We started a hectic full practice where I saw 3 near collisions on course and before i even got a chance to drop in the rain began again! The course was soaked and I helped clear off the puddles to get the contest started before the rain started again. As the contest began all the riders started sending some insane tricks so i knew i had to bring my A game! I dropped in and had an amazing start to my run and I did a backflip double tail whip over the box and as i landed on my backwheel and braced myself to rely on the brake to correct my position my brakes snapped and i looped out insanely hard on my butt. It hurt so bad and i couldn’t breathe no matter how hard i tried.. Finally after 2 minutes i got my wind back and I made my way back to the medical tent where i realized just how hurt i really was.. I jumped in the EMS vehicle and they took me to the hospital for evaluation. I was in a lot of pain so they did a CT scan and that showed a grade 1 compression fracture in my T8 vertebrae so yes I broke my back riding Xgames.. I never thought that I would ever be able to say that and it’s crazy to think just how lucky I actually am to be able to walk away from this scary crash. I am so bummed and frustrated about the crash because I wasn’t at fault because of my riding I crashed because my bike broke on me.. Such a crumby X games for me but still i had such an amazing time and I am already excited for next year! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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