We all met up at Jackson skatepark to play a Game Of Bike! Matty Cranmer vs BIG BOY vs Cory „puppy arms“ Berglar! The game started off with us checking out Big Boy’s new haircut which gives him a striking resemblance to Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder! So we quoted the movie as often as we could! Then Cory forgot his helmet so Matty shared his helmet with him in between turns! Then Cory’s bad luck continued when he got a flat tire on a half cab so instead of forfeiting he decided to borrow Matty’s bike as well! So the game came down to the wire and all the dudes were absolutely killing it! But my favorite part was when Dylan hopped on Big Boy’s shoulders and they decided to ride around the skatepark until Dylan fell off and nearly ripped Big Boy’s nose off! It was an awesome day! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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