50 Unique Peg Chinks in 2 Minutes with Jay Dalton

I told Jay to do as many different chinks as he possibly could before my camera battery died, and he came up with some interesting stuff. According to him, hes never done half of these before!
Which was your favorite chink?
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Jay was the man behind the camera for 90% of my Woodward clips, and is also the reason why every coping at Woodward is dented…
If Jay can do this much on a mini ramp, imagine what he does on other stuff! Go watch his really good videos and find out.
If nothing else I hope this video inspires you to go learn chinks, because they’re really awesome.
I have been friends with Jay literally since I started riding, and he has ALWAYS been a killer rider. Jay is definitely the BEST and most flowy park rider I know, and if you haven’t heard of him yet I can guarantee you he will be blowing up in no time.
Can you tell that I just jotted random things down about jay and threw them into the description, because this reads so choppily.
If you don’t subscribe to Jay I will personally make Cody eat your children. Bye.

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