A Day with Tyler Fernengel

When I heard that Tyler Fernengel was in town, I immediately knew I had no choice but to film with the dude. This kid is crazy! After meeting up with Tyler at a local park he managed to clock five sick clips in no more than one hour. Since it was a Sunday, we decided to use the rest of the daylight to ride a nearby college. Tyler had been scoping out a huge nollie bar to start a line, but we figured out that the last part of the line might not work. Tyler wasn’t the slightest bit phased and fired out the first part of the line like it was nothing. We started riding these pads in the parking lot and, shortly after, Tyler suffered a pretty bad ankle roll. That same ankle had just recovered from an injury and Tyler was done for the day. We headed back to Brandon Dosch’s house and got him iced up. Sometimes you’ve got to make the most of what you’ve got! – Zach Krejmas / Vital BMX


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