Wait, Big Boy went Pro? And the answer is Yes! Well, he circled the Pro category and paid $50 to be a pro, but whatever.. The Incline Club Skatepark hosted the Jump for Joy BMX competition and a whole bunch of BMX riders of all ages showed up to compete and have an awesome day! I had a blast hanging out and filming all the local riders. In this video you will see the highest airing 10 year old BMX rider in the world! You will also see his older brother attempt a front flip! Then The Big Boy, Josh Peschock, Dom Simoncini, Brooklyn, Karl Goldenbaum, Eddie Rovi, And Matty Cranmer put on an insane show for the crowd tearing the skatepark to shreds! Crazy tricks, and endless laughs in this one! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!