We made it to 200,000 SUBSCRIBERS! I would have never thought in the 9 short months of doing this channel that we would be where we are right now! I am so proud of it and huge thank you to everyone of you watching our videos everyday and we dedicate this video to you guys! So Big Boy came up to me and said that for the 200k challenge he wants to do a front flip! I thought he was kidding but after talking about it we came up with a plan that would give him the best shot of landing it! Big Boy needed a special ramp to do his style of front flip and that came as no surprise because Big Boy is a special kind of guy! So, We built a custom flat bank take off that would give him the right height and distance and after some serious calculations Big Boy sent the front flip and crashed pretty hard but he was determined and adrenaline fueled so he got right back up and got on his bike and gave the front flip another attempt and the result was epic! This video is a true testament of big boy evolving with this channel and I am so proud of him! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!