In a group conversation the night before Ricky jokingly said „let’s have a skid contest in the rain“ well guess what, for some reason big boy, Dom, and Ricky dragged me out into the rain put up one of my monster tents and made this joke a reality! It was down pouring and it was so cold and the boys bought ponchos and decided to have some fun on their bikes in the rain! After the bikes were all wet the brakes stopped working and things got very interesting! The lead went back-and-forth until they started cheating and Ricky decided it was a great idea to sneak his bike into his car and do a skid in his car! It wasn’t exactly what the game plan was but technically he did do it with his bike I guess! So the winner of the competition was awarded a dry pair of socks for their efforts but everybody was soaking wet so we gave everyone a pair of socks! It was cold it was rainy but it was really fun hanging out with the crew! But I hope next time we do this when it’s a little warmer outside!