Due out 2020… „AANGLES“ is an independent BMX video from the mind of Scott Marceau, featuring a large and diverse slew of riders. With 2-years of filming left you’ll have to be patient, but it looks like this one’s already shaping up to be well worth the wait. Peep the trailer to glimpse clips from Nick Krauer, Dan Kruk, Brandon Begin, Brady Tweedy, Grant Castelluzzo, Matt Gutierrez, Dillon Lloyd, Dustin Arp, Mike Stahl, Dylan McCauley, Reed Stark, Trent Lutske, Timmy Theus, Jake Coulson, Ryan Howard, Alex Duleba, and many many more.

„I am very excited to formally announce the production of AANGLES, a DVD that I will be working on for the next two years. I’ll be traveling extensively throughout the country filming with anyone who is motivated by the energy of this promo, an energy that will carry through into the final product. Get in touch if you want to be involved!“ – Scott Marceau