BMX Bowling

Ever dream of riding your bike in a Bowling Alley? Me neither, but how could one possibly pass up an opportunity to ride ON BOWLING LANES. They definitely weren’t the easiest things to ride in the world, but it was awesome regardless. Thanks to my good friend James Harvey we got a chance to shred the lanes for one night and one night only. It was sweet to meet a legend like Chad Degroot and we all had a blast riding. There was a lot more great riding that went down, especially on the rail, but not everything was filmed. It was more of a photoshoot rather than a filming session, so be sure to follow all of us on instagram when the pictures are posted.
@adam_LZ @ChadDegroot @James_Farty @mrbikesnboards
I worked really hard editing/color correcting every clip so please hit the „like“ button if you enjoyed the video.
Filming by Keaton Aspuru
Song – Smoke & Mirrors by RJD2
Thanks River Lanes for letting us do our thing!