BMX: Cory Nastazio & Tyler Truman – East Coast Trails Trip

Legendary dirt rider Cory Nastazio and his accomplice Tyler Trueman went on road trip across the East Coast to hit a plethora of amazing trails. One by one they checked off renowned spots like Catty Woods and Posh just to name a couple, if you love trails you need to hit the play button on this one.

„Nasty and I spent the last two weeks out East, riding as many trail spots as we could get to. Clips from Keyko, Jemricks house, Hamden Trails, Posh, Catty, and Area 51 are all in this video. Thanks to the locals for the hospitality and keeping the trails out there dialed! Can’t wait to get back out there soon!

Filmed by the locals at the various trail spots.

Song: Sunshine by Evil Ebenezer“

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