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Well, If I have to think back to my first interaction with young Johnny Atencio, I’d have to say he was some what of a „Shoo fly, don’t bother me“ type of kid! But the difference between human beings and your average house fly is the fact that Johnny’s life expectancy is much greater than that of a winged nuisance… So through his genuine little kid ways of becoming more confident with his riding, he also in turn, grew into a much older, much more mature personality which soon enough couldn’t be denied by myself, his fellow bike riders and eventually the eyes of the Shadow and Subrosa family! In just 8 months or so Johnny has managed to put together this amazing video between his high school schedule and his first job, all filmed in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico with the exception of a short trip to Denver, this video is sure not to disappoint! The best part about this kid is at the young age of 16 he has his sights set at a high level of progression and more than anything else, he’s planning on enjoying every moment.

Find out more in our interview with Johnny here…

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