BMX – Simple Session 2013 !!

Hard Facts:
16-17 March 2013
* Contests: in BMX pro street/park & skateboarding pro street/park
* Format: jam format
* Skateboard best trick & BMX best trick
* Girls BMX jam
* Side events: film screenings and club program


confirmed riders so far:
Dustin Grice USA
Tyler Fernengel USA
Ricky Moseley USA
Brandon Webster CAN
Todd Meyn AUS
Shanon Farrugia AUS
Mike Gray CAN
JB Peytavit FRA
Broc Raiford USA
Aj Anaya USA
Kevin Peraza MEX
Panagiotis Manaras GRE
Jack Clark GBR
Drew Bezanson CAN
Santiago Muńoz COL
Spencer Bass USA
Daniel Tünte GER
Rob Darden USA
Mark Webb GBR
Kriss Kyle GBR
Alex Kennedy GBR
Daniel Wedemeijer NED
Simone Barraco ITA
Maxime Charveron FRA
Björn Mager GER
Jason Phelan IRL
Daniel „Naran“ Peńafiel ESP
Stefan Lantschner ITA
Joris Coulomb FRA

Simple Session is the World’s premier BMX and skateboarding contest happening annually in Tallinn, Estonia.

Simple Session’s roots date back to the year 2000, when the founders built a new skatepark for themselves and their fellow riders and skaters. The local park opening jam would later become Simple Session, and work its way up to become one of the biggest and best contests in the World of BMX bikes and skateboarding. Since then, Simple Session has changed cities and venues, but the core of the event has remained the same — a celebration of everything that is amazing about BMX and skateboarding.

In 12 years the founders have put on 16 Simple Session events — nine annual winter-time indoor festivals and several accompaning outdoor summer events both in the center of Tallinn and in the heart of Helsinki.

Simple Session’s media coverage is voluminous — it’s one of the most talked about BMX and skate events of the year, resulting in hundreds of videos and articles in both print and online media, and attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers Worldwide. The indoor arena has been sold out for many years in a row and the contest is being watched by a million spectators online via the LIVE webcast. The after match has reached several international TV channels such as, ESPN, Extreme Channel and Fuel TV, reaching millions of viewers.

But the hefty media coverage is just one of Simple Session’s characteristics, and not the only or the main reason for it’s success — Simple Session has become what it is today for its ability of attracting the biggest names in the business, pulling off a mind-blowingly impressive new course each year, gathering a cheerful and supportive crowd, and creating a laid-back vibe with a feeling of a giant BMX and skateboard party. Also, Simple Session always extends beyond the contest arena — the festival week includes an infamous 4-day sold out club program, a film festival, photo exhibitions and artshows and other cultural events around the skateboarding and BMX culture.

Simple Session is unique among other events, as it attracts a very large scale of riders and skaters. It’s a versatile contest where almost all kinds of riding styles are represented, which reflects on the course as well. The contest has X-Games champions pitted against the World’s best street riders, making it very exciting for both the riders and the audience. Besides the household names and the most relevant riders in the contest circuit, Simple Session has attracted many idols and legends in the skate and BMX World who rarely or never hit up any contest.

Simple Session’s 12th edition in March/April 2012 featured almost 200 top riders and skaters from 30 countries, making it again the most international action sports event in the World. Besides flying over the best pros and idols from all over the globe, Simple Session has always looked out for and nurtured new talent, giving new aspiring riders the chance to ride together with the heavy-weight athletes of the BMX and skate top scenes. Simple Session has kickstarted the BMX and skate scenes not only in Estonia, but also in the whole region of Northern and Eastern-Europe.

Simple Session tries to grasp the best of both worlds — making the contest interesting for the crowd with it’s highly professional LIVE broadcast and scoring system, but at the same time keeping it cool for the riders with the jam format, flexible schedule and free-spirit atmosphere. Simple Session works with the best people in the industry — the best announcers, course designers and builders making each event a unique and unforgettable experience, that would be talked about in years to come.

Since 2011 Simple Session skate competition is part of the World Cup Skateboarding World Tour and point series.

Simple Session 13 is one of the most anticipated events in the BMX and skateboarding calendar.

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