BMX – TCU TV – The Cooper Brownlee Interview

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In the early days of TCU I would occasionally get an email from a dude from Australia named Cooper telling me that he was going to send me his latest magazine or DVD. The products he was producing were super high quality and it soon became obvious to me that this was a dude who was intent on relentlessly documenting the amazing BMX riding going on all around him. Over the years Cooper has never stopped killing it on his bike and behind the camera. He’s transitioned away from running his own media company into playing right hand man to Clint Millar at Colony and Division and in this interview I got Cooper to talk about everything from Australian stereotypes to what goes into running multiple BMX brands and what drives him to keep on pedaling.

Shout out to Eric Cupier and Wolfgang Ray for sitting in on the interview.

Also as part of the release of this podcast we wanted to hook one rider up with a prototype 20.5 Division Lanark frame. These won’t be available until October but we’ve been testing them for a while now so we know it’s tough enough for the abuse it will cop.

All you have to do is…
Follow both @divisionbrand and @thecomeupbmx on Instagram.
Repost the image and use the hashtag #lanarkframe so we can pick a winner.

Winner will be announced on September 1st.

00:30 What exactly do you do at Colony?
02:00 How street riding changed when the Animal video came out
03:10 Doing rails into grass in Australia
04:25 Josh Irvine and Clint Miller, in that order
05:40 Focal Point
08:00 Cooper’s van and spot book combo
10:15 Did it hurt the scene when the magazines fell off?
12:00 Hardcore music and zines
13:15 Cabinet making
15:00 Straight Edge and friendship
18:30 The scooter takeover of Australia
21:15 We briefly attempt and fail to get Wolfgang to talk
24:00 Park vs Street in Australia
27:00 Cooper got his bike stolen by the cops in Barcelona
29:20 What’s the sketchiest situations that you’ve been involved in when riding street?
34:00 Favorite riders to film
35:45 “Hey Eric, you ever been in a racist gang?”
37:45 Filming park riding vs filming street riding
40:00 Boring vegetarianism
43:00 BMX’s generation gap
47:30 Keith Treanor
48:20 We talk about Division
50:00 Crispy Stream
51:30 Having glasses
54:15 What video projects are you working on?
56:15 What happened to Liam Fhay Hampton?

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