BMX – TCU TV – The Jake Seeley Interview

BMX – TCU TV – The Jake Seeley Interview featuring Adam22 and Justin Maruco. Subscribe:

I’ve been friends with Jake Seeley for a long time and I’ve always been a huge fan of his riding so I was stoked to get him on TCU TV during his recent trip to LA. Jake brought along his good friend Justin Maruco, an experienced veteran of the skateboard industry, so in between dissecting Jake’s long BMX career we also got in some real talk about the status of the overall action sports industry. And of course we spent a lot of time just freaking out over the cat. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one, once you’re done do me a favor and follow us on Soundcloud: and leave a comment with your thoughts below. Thanks!

1:20 Jake introduces Justin and explains how they became friends through snowboarding
4:20 We talk about Jake’s skatepark video from when he was 15
7:20 Jake’s split Manmade web video with Garrett Reynolds
10:50 Jake talks about The Garden, the amazing skate/BMX store in his town
16:00 How did you get on Sunday?
21:25 What happened with Jim C and Sunday?
23:20 How are things with Sunday these days?
26:20 How did you get on Profile?
28:00 What level space cadet is Charlie Crumlish on and how was it filming your new Sunday video?
30:30 What are the vibes like in Austin for a tech street rider like yourself
36:25 Justin gives us some thoughts on how much money pro skaters make vs pro BMX riders
41:25 Jake gives his advice for a young dude trying to make it in BMX these days
44:25 We talk about dudes who kill it on their bike but will never make it in BMX because they’re assholes
54:50 The TCU/Props comparison
58:05 What Jake has learned from working at a snowboard/skate/bike shop for all these years
1:03:00 What’s the state of your health right now?
1:05:13 Jake talks about being an Uber driver
1:12:20 Do girls like Uber drivers?
1:16:00 We answer some questions from the readers
1:18:45 Why did everyone always mistake you for Muffinman back in the day
1:19:30 Jake acts semi-secretive about Sunday’s full length video plans
1:21:30 Are you addicted to ketchup?
1:24:25 I tell the story of the time Jake and I got arrested on Megatour

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