BMX – TCU TV – The Ryan „Biz“ Jordan Interview

BMX – TCU TV – The Ryan „Biz“ Jordan Interview featuring Adam22 and Catfish with the questions. Subscribe:

Surprise: We’ve got 2 episodes of TCU TV for you this week. Today we’re happy to present you with a look into the mind of Biz, a legendary BMX rider who has been around for more BMX history than almost anybody. I did my research for this one and came through with a long list of questions about many of Biz’s most notable BMX moments and he came with some pretty candid answers. Watch the video above, tune in on SoundCloud or listen to us on iTunes here. Thanks to Catfish for co-hosting.

1:40 Are you a super taster?
4:10 Biz invented the hop truckdriver
6:05 Biz’s crazy sponsor list from over the years
9:40 What it was like when he was getting offered crazy corporate money to quit Volume
12:40 Biz talks about feeling held back in terms of street by mostly hanging out with dirt riders
14:10 Biz’s „In The Life“ section
17:25 Biz may have been the first person to grind up the JP rail
18:40 Why there is footage on YouTube of Biz riding a bike for the first time
20:45 Is it weird being the last dude from your group of friends who is still pro?
24:40 Biz broke edge on Mike’s Hard Lemonade with Kris Bennett
26:05 Going on Road Fools with Dave Mirra
29:00 Getting sponsored by a lame company just because of money
31:00 Some couple named their kid after Biz and asked him to read the vows at their wedding
32:40 Biz talks about how Doyle portrayed him as an idiot in the Wide Awake Nightmare bonus but how it was all a big misunderstanding
35:30 Who’s your favorite rider?
37:00 Did you invent the footjam whip on a quarter
38:25 The Squad One Halloween Tour
40:15 Running up a huge mountain for money on Road Fools
44:15 Why Biz doesn’t like his Volume „On The Clock“ or Wide Awake Nightmare sections
46:20 Catfish makes fun of Biz for doing whips to frame back in the day
48:00 I realize that Biz has been pranking me for the past week
49:50 Biz is a World Champion
51:50 Biz was in the X Games and he flipped everybody off
54:00 Biz is now addicted to American Idol
56:00 Everybody used to act like Biz was such a weirdo
58:00 Biz talks about riding with Jason Enns all the time and how much it changed his riding
1:02:00 The Lynn/Billerica/Nashua rivalry that exists in our group chat
1:05:00 Biz talks about when he’ll hang it up and stop being pro
1:08:25 What’s your advice to young kids who want to make it in the industry?
1:09:45 What could you see yourself doing after you’re done being a pro?
1:11:30 What do you think of the current state of the BMX industry?
1:12:25 What do you think of the currently saturated state of the BMX media?
1:14:45 We talk about the new app RapChat
1:16:15 I talk about the murder we saw a couple weeks ago

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