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BMX – TCU TV- The Tyler Fernengel & Mikey Tyra Interview

Today’s interview is with Tyler Fernengel and Mikey Tyra. Click to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1gYdZLu

Today on TCU TV we’ve got Tyler Fernengel and Mikey Tyra. You may not know this but Tyler and Mikey grew up riding together and although their careers have taken different paths and their styles have diverged a bit, they are still good friends who hang out whenever possible. While Tyler was in LA hanging out with us I managed to get them both on the podcast along with Catfish as my co-host to find out about where they’re coming from, where they’re going and what makes them tick. Thanks for listening!

02:30 Growing up riding together
07:00 Getting into motocross at the age of 3
08:30 Moving to Woodward to go to school
10:30 When Tyler met Charlie Crumlish and Adam
15:00 Mikey’s move to California
18:00 Hypothetical Games of BIKE
21:30 Getting on MARKIT and Red Bull
28:00 The Michigan Video
33:00 The roof to rail from Tyler’s MARKIT video
38:00 Favorite foods
43:30 Learning barspins
52:00 Tyler’s Superdome video
1:06:40 Devon Smillie’s new video
1:08:30 Getting attacked by dogs
1:16:00 2016 plans

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BMX – TCU TV- The Tyler Fernengel & Mikey Tyra Interview

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