BMX – TCU TV – Tony Neyer Interview

BMX – TCU TV – Tony Neyer Interview. Tony talks his new shop, his career in BMX and more. Subscribe!

You could basically split this interview into two parts, although it’s not particularly structured. The first part focuses on Thee Block, Tony’s new shop he just opened along with Aaron Brenner, Eben Fischer and Morgan Long. The second, his illustrious riding career dating from the Shine days all the way up to Tony’s Ride cover from last year. Along the way we discussed the intricacies of Ohio BMX culture, I quizzed Neyer on some of his most notable bangers and we told some truly tasteless tales about our time spent together as roommates a few years back.

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1:30 How Tony Neyer got the since retired nickname, “Street Rider Tony”
2:55 We talk about how strong the Ohio scene was during the late 90s/early 2000s
4:00 We talk about how Tony met Chad Shackelford and got a Shook part
6:00 Tony talks about the Shook “Youth Gone Wild” road trip that he went on with Karl Poynter, Chase Dehart, Chase Hawk and a bunch of other future pros
10:10 Tony introduces Aaron Brenner and explains how he got a guest clip in Tony’s Roll Call section
11:33 Tony explains Thee Block and what it’s all about
22:35 Catfish compares the original BMX recession to the state of BMX these days
26:10 Tony talks about quitting Fly
29:05 Tony did one of the biggest tailwhip gaps at the time for his From Nothing ender and the second angle was lost forever
33:00 Tony talks about how much he loves riding for a company like Verde out of Ohio
34:50 In your From Nothing intro, why are you carrying a little kid around in the hood?
36:40 What made you make the move from Long Beach to LA?
40:11 We talk about the doing the first un-luc-e grind down a rail
41:20 We get the story on Tony’s crazy toothpick hanger Ride BMX cover
45:50 Were you mad at Wes McGrath for getting in your way on your Dans DVD banger?
48:00 Are you still motivated to do scary stuff on a regular basis?
48:55 Tony talks about the crash that almost killed him
52:00 Tony talks about how he suffered an insane broken leg trying to smith 180 a flat ledge
55:15 We discuss the year that Tony spent living in the OSS house in Long Beach and all the fucked up things that happened there
1:02:55 What are your favorite video parts?

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