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BMX: The Awesome Florida BMX Series – Orlando Highlights

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The Florida BMX Series has been kicking ass for several years and I finally got to check one out in person last weekend. Just as Trey Jones says in the intro, truly a good vibe hear as you watch all levels of BMX have a hell of a good day. If you’re in or near Florida, hit up the next stop February 4th in Sarasota… For more info, hit http://fl-bmx.com.

13-15 Class
1. Ronald Watour
2. Nick Kosinski
3. Robert Vargas

16-29 Class
1. Dominick Secatello
2. Ronnie Beddia
3. Domenico Lentini-Williams

30 & Over Class
1. Chris Parrott
2. Seth Svoboda
3. Steve Nowak

Open Class
1. Brian Fox
2. Chelsea Fietsgodin
3. Matt Ray

Music By:
Walkie Talkie – „Yesterday“ feat. Shy Wolve
courtesy of http://midwestcollective.bandcamp.com

Filming/editing by Ryan Fudger


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BMX: The Awesome Florida BMX Series – Orlando Highlights

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