BMX: XSA Invitational 2015 – First Practice

Kevin Peraza, Pat Casey, Larry Edgar, Catfish, and myself are on top of a mountain in Sochi, Russia, overlooking the city at a hotel made for the 2014 Olympics. To say it’s a bit different than normal would be a massive understatement.

We’re here to be a part of the XSA Invitational, a now yearly event based around the F1 racing event here in Sochi. Set in the middle of the mayhem, the scene at the event is a clash between BMX and some sort of futuristic eutopia produced by Russia for the Olympics. The sunset when I showed up didn’t hurt either…

Shout out to Valentine Shmayunov to filming most of the day and hooking up the footage…we showed up way too late to make a proper video on our own. Thanks dude!

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