Building my SR20DET with Forged Internals

My SR20 was low in compression so we decided to rebuild it with forged internals! (Full parts list below). While I was at the BMX contest this weekend Alberto pulled the engine out so we could build it together and document the process! LZ MERCHANDISE –

In case your’e confused, we are in the process of building a crazy stroker 2JZ, but after getting word back from a few manufacturers that custom parts would take over a month we decided to rebuild the SR20 now rather than later. The original plan was to rebuild it once the 2J was done and put it in another car, but now we just decided to do it sooner. The engine was pretty unhealthy and I was concerned that if I kept running it I might do more damage to the block/head than was already done.

I’ve never built an engine, or seen someone build an engine for that matter, so I was really excited that Alberto let me help out and talked me through the whole process. I tried to document as much as I could in as much detail, but sometimes it gets tough when we’re on a time crunch. Hope you liked it though!

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wiseco piston set 86mm 9:0.1
manley h bean rods sr20det
acl race main bearing set
acl race rod bearing set
acl sr20det thrust washer
brian crower 264 cams sr20det s13 1
25165 manley pro series springs and ti retainers sr20det
cometic mls head gasket 86mm .051 sr20det s14
OEM S13 SR20DET Water Pump
ISR SR20DET Multi-Layer Exhaust Manifold Gasket
OEM – Full Engine Rebuild Gasket Kit – S13 SR20DET
OEM S13 SR20DET Oil Pump/Front Cover
OEM S13 SR20DET Water Pump

Approximate cost: $2500 + labor

Huge thank you to everyone that hung out, had some fun, and landed a hand here and there. You can find all of their instagrams/info on my latest picture at the shop –