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Surely our most anticipated episode to date. Cory Nastazio sits down for two solid hours and spits nothing but truth, wisdom, and entertainment. Hyped on this one…

0:00 – Intro & “What do you do everyday?”
2:10 – Cory grills Dennis about his edit
8:05 – Imagine Cory is your father.
13:40 – Cory was the first person to ever pay Dennis to ride BMX.
18:10 – Cory asks Ryan about Our BMX
20:30 – First NORA Cup nomination since 2002
23:50 – Living four hours from his personal trails
28:00 – What Cory does for money these days (besides BMX)
30:45 – “It’s harder to do what I did this year than last year.”
33:15 – Cory’s personal filmer is his 11 year old neighbor
35:30 – BMX needs to accept people who don’t progress anymore
41:45 – “I’ve got so much work to do to be better.”
45:20 – Dennis: “Would you take of the crazy shit back?”
48:22 – Cory and Dennis partying in Austin
53:33 – Radio shows, TV shows, and Issuez Inc.
58:14 – Making $300k at 21 years old
1:00:30 – What was your dumbest purchase?
1:02:29 – Did you grow up poor?
1:05:28 – Simon Tabron’s stroke (LINK HERE)
1:07:30 – Brett Banasiewicz, Stephen Murray, and some heavy shit
1:11:40 – There should be no negativity in BMX
1:14:35 – “People used to think I was a cocky asshole.”
1:16:17 – Are you religious?
1:24:20 – “Stephen Murray’s book did me dirty”
1:28:20 – Would you take a full time job at Vans?
1:34:29 – Nyquist robbed Cory of an X Games gold (confirmed!)
1:37:00 – We find out Dennis has a girlfriend and lots of surfing talk
1:41:00 – The whole thing turns into a Dennis podcast
1:46:45 – “I’m a 42 year old who’s still getting paid to ride a bike”
1:52:50 – Cory gives Dennis life advice
1:56:15 – Mountain Bikes and dirt events
2:02:00 – Still trying to figure out what Cory does everyday and wrapping it up.
2:05:44 – What’s the earliest you’ve done a double flip?

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