Crazy BMX Pro Final / Snipes Battle Square / Contest Rotterdam 2018

AD:SPONSORVIDEO: Crazy BMX Pro Final / Snipes Battle Square / Contest Rotterdam 2018! It was a blast! Good times in Rotterdam for sure. Check out Dominik Nekolny, Alex Jumelin, Jean William Prevost & Ben Hudson battling it out for 7500€ price money next to the SS Rotterdam! let us know what you think / like / sucbribe / :)) thanks!!


1 Alex Jumelin
2 Jean William Prevost
3 Dominik Nekolny
4 Benjamin Hudson
5 Lee Musselwhite
6 Dustyn Alt
7 Viki Gomez
8 Raphael Chiquet
9 Sietse Van Berkel
10 Gilles Van de Sompel
11 Alberto Moya
12 Dez Maarsen
13 Chris Boehm
14 Terry Adams

1 Anatole Rahain
2 Jorrit van Drumpt
3 Julien Baran
4 Barre Neirynck
5 Gino Stuart
6 Saky Kypirtidis
7 Bodean Maarsen
8 Malte Orth
9 Gabin Jumelin
10 Catfish

Hello, this was Snipes Battle Square!
On August, 4th Snipes Battle Square Rotterdam 2018 was to be the “KICK OFF” to an European wide TOUR including SIX STAGES in 2019.
Open to public and free of charge, Snipes Battle Square has brought 14 of the worlds best BMX Flatland riders to Rotterdam. This new Flatland format will lead to an exciting Head to Head final where the riders will be Batteling for the GLORY and 7.500.- EUR in prize money.

Thanks for an epic day of BMX Flatland in a stunning location at SS Rotterdam.

Thanks to Snipes for bringing woozyBMX over and making it possible to produce this video. Cheers! #woozybmx #bmx #snipes # cooperation # sponsor # ad # anzeige