Daily Grind – Hard Times Trailer

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The Daily Grind crew has spent the last year and a half grinding out their soon to be released DVD. Even with numerous injuries, lost jobs, flea attacks, and just about every malady you can think of, they’ve stayed the course. This can largely be attributed to a strong bond amongst the riders and a unified vision for the video. Featuring Zack Gerber, Gremlin, Jake Coulson, Dan Conway, Eric Mesta, Devon Denham, Tony Cherry, Troy Merkle, Scott Steele, and Greg Goldberg. Be sure to check out DIG’s feature article on the making of Hard Times for loads of photos and behind the scenes stories…

Doing It For the Mid-School: http://digbmx.com/features/doing-it-for-the-mid-school


Filmed and edited by Ryan Howard.

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