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DailyCruise 3: Riding Street in San Diego, California (BMX trip)

I spent the majority of December riding and filming in Southern California with the Volume Bikes team (Thanks Castillo, Mastroni, and Platt) I spent my last couple days in San Diego with family and met up with my good friend and SD resident Bill Malkotsis for a day to ride some good ol‘ BMX. We rode his college campus and then drove to Downtown San Diego. Good weather, good spots, and good times. Filmed with GoPro and Zhiyun Tech Rider-M Gimbal. Thanks for watching DailyCruise 3.

DailyCruise is a new and better fitting name for this series that I am doing, hope you enjoy. Song: BKLV- Blissful. Free DL here-https://soundcloud.com/bklv420

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