We took a trip over to a park that none of us have been to before in West Windsor, NJ. The park was one of the most fun pre-fab parks that I have ever ridden! Big Boy, Matty, and myself drove the WRX’s over there on a perfect day! We got the session off to a fast start when BigBoy immediately attempted the flair challenge! And then I followed him up by doing a tail whip over the whole half pipe! Matty did some amazing tech lines and I made a deal w/ Big Boy to double tire ride this long rail in the street section and i was going to reward him with the biggest ice cream we could get! Big Boy attempted the trick and ended up crashing harder then I ever thought possible on a flat rail and nearly broke his back in half! Even though he didn’t land the trick I still treated the boys to ice cream! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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