Day in the Life of Adam LZ

From School to the Skatepark, live a day as a college student, BMX rider, and business owner. I love my life.
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So you guys have been asking for me to do a „Day in the Life“ more than anything. It took me a while to film because I wanted to do it right, and it was tough to get my schedule to line up with my friend Brett’s. This is a typical Tuesday in my life, minus the homework and watching an online lecture around 9AM before I go to class. Forgive me if I looked insanely tired by the end of the video, I actually got up at like 6:30AM to let Brett in and set up and plan a bunch of shots and didn’t get back to sleep until 3AM. I go to the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida, and my major is Business Management (entrepreneurship track). If you guys have any questions about this video or my life in general I’ll try to respond to as many comments as possible, or maybe even make a Vlog answering more complex questions. Thank you for watching, and PLEASE hit the like button and FAVORITE. It makes such an insane difference when you click that little button and most people don’t realize it. Stay in school and never stop riding.





Music (In order)

„Somet Things Die“ – The Guru

„Aspen“ – Cat Ridgeway

„Just Breathe“ – FTGU

„Golden Brown“ – The Guru

Filmed by Brett Rohlfing