DIG BMX: Dennis Enarson – Realtime

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Mic’d up from sunup to sundown in San Diego ‚Realtime‘ with Dennis Enarson is about as authentic as it gets with one of the best in BMX. DIG’s Fraser Byrne follows Dennis throughout his day, which includes a visit from his father Kenny, stop at the East County BMX 10th Anniversary Jam, brews at the ‚Wayne’s World‘ beer perch, his thoughts on X Games, and more. Dennis (who topped our DIG 25 list back in 2013) is not only loved by us, but by fans, his sponsors Haro and Demolition, and the BMX community as a whole… and you’ll get a good idea why when you see how he carries himself throughout the day.

Look for more DIG REALTIME edits here soon.



Filmed and edited by Fraser Byrne for DIG

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