DIG BMX Shadow Conspiracy Trey Jones & Johnny Devlin Split Part

Shadow Conspiracy Trey Jones & Johnny Devlin | Subscribe to DIG’s channel – http://bit.ly/1xu0DS1

„The edit was filmed in and around Orlando, Florida by both Johnny and Trey in between actual Shadow DVD filming trips. Johnny, as you may or may not know, was responsible for the second Shadow DVD “Into The Void.” Ever since we started working on our new DVD, I always went to Johnny as a trusted second angle. Over time he got the bug and decided to pick up a TRV950 (keeping it classic, haha) and put something together with his good friend and fellow Shadow rider Trey Jones. The video is very reminiscent of the two’s DIY style and it is edited very similarly to „Into The Void”. “ – Chawick, Shadow Conspiracy TM

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