Y2K. Some surmised the world was about to end, but we were just getting started.

When Mike Aitken, Brian Foster and Van Homan left their respective high-profile programs to join FITBIKECO. — a fledgling brand spawned by S&M Bikes — they became part of an enigma… an absurdly talented team of riders atop the the world’s most-trusted bikes.

Next came the addition of underground trail legend Justin Inman, followed by up-and-coming street sensei like Edwin de la Rosa and Tom White and suddenly we had assembled what many would consider the most-stacked squad in BMX history.

With a plethora of incredibly influential riders on our roster in the two decades since (Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Eddie Cleveland, Shawn McIntosh and Brandon Begin) and a hard-earned reputation for designing and delivering the best bikes in the business year after year, we’re paying homage to that history in our 2020 bike line. https://fitbikeco.com/product-category/bikes/

If you’ve been along for the ride, you will no doubt recognize some of the brand’s most classic colorways and graphics. If you are just joining us, we’re sure our throwback aesthetic will feel as fresh today as it did the first time around.

Today Tom Dugan leads a legion of bikers like Ethan Corriere, Justin Spriet, Jordan Hango, Matt Nordstrom, Morgan Long, Austin Augie, Yumi Tskuda and Charles LittleJohn doing it for Fit. And 20 Years in, guys like Mike Aitken, Brian Foster and Van Homan are still holding it down for us too.

We compiled these clips to celebrate everything FITBIKECO. is, has been and will be, and to say thank everyone who has ever repped FIT. #STAYFIT #STILLFIT #DOINGFITSINCE2000

Edited by: Charlie Crumlish

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