Drift Event 13: PURE CHAOS

I’ve never experienced such chaos on the track -I loved it. Dozens of cars drifting at the same time, smoke everywhere, people spinning, people bumping into each other. Fun is an understatement. (cont.)
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This was my first event doing tandems at Orlando Speedworld. Compared to my last event it’s a bit more challenging to stay on a car with so many transitions. A few things I learned from the event and/or watching this footage back. (Feel free to suggest anything else you might notice I can work on).

1. Transition earlier (ideally at the same time as the other car)
2. Pay more attention to my line than the car in front of me
3. Less handbrake, more left foot braking
4. DO NOT SLOW DOWN ON TRACK – It’s very hard to tell if a car is behind you with so much going on and I almost stupidly got hit once because I straightened out and didn’t stay on throttle. Lucky for me everyone else is pretty experienced and didn’t let my stupidity cause an accident.

This event was a game changer for me. The level of adrenaline/excitement with so many cars, trying to keep up, trying not to spin – words don’t describe how much fun it was. Huge thank you to you guys for supporting me through my drifting endeavors, everyone on the track, everyone who puts the events together, everyone that lends a hand when I can’t figure out how to fix something, and everyone who helps film at the track. I love drifting :)

SR20DET GTX2863R Forged Internals @ ~16psi S13 Nissan 240sx

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