Drift Event #4: Sliding my 335i and an LS1 Racecar

Time to figure out if the 335 slides! I also get to slide around an LS1 S14 for a few laps before going to a BMX contest. Huge thanks to James for letting me rip his car!
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So there are only drift events like once a month and I REALLY wanted to go to this one. My 240 is still gone (didn’t think it would be this long) and after denting my trunk I’ve had a f*ck it type attitude with the 335. I figured I’d take it to the track and see how it did. The one wheel peel and a crappy alignment only let me get a few laps, but my friend James Nutt let me get a few runs in his LS1 S14. I did way better After that I headed over to Oviedo’s skatepark to ride in the FLBMX contest (they didn’t post results but said I was around fourth). Either way the day was a blast and I’m stoked to share it with you!

I know i’ve been a little heavy with the car stuff lately, but Tanner Fox will be in town on Tuesday and I’m sure we will be doing something riding related almost every day. Thanks for sticking around!






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